I started my day earlier than usual today since I had a breakfast meeting in Brooklyn with our distributor. After that I drove up to Connecticut for a meeting that turned out very well. Working on a margarita "flight" which is a tray of 5 samples with different flavors. I think one of them will be a cantaloupe margarita and another one might be an elderflower margarita. I will show you what we come up with when done, I am very excited about this one!

These pictures were taken later on in the afternoon when I was back in NYC again. My day ended with a super-meeting that might be the best one I had in weeks! Deal is not 100% until tomorrow but I will share with you when I know for a fact I got it!

When I got home I cooked some comfort food and went straight to bed. I am not feeling 100 and I have a long day tomorrow. We have a technician coming here tomorrow around 8 am to fix something and at 11 I have my weekly company-wide video conference. After that I am heading out to Long Island for meetings all day and if I finish on time I am going to end my day and work-week with a sunset GOAT YOGA! Guess if I am looking forward to that !!LOL