We started a new tradition! Friendsgiving at our house for our near and dear! We had such an amazing time and I was soo happy to cook all day! I also made few different cocktails for our guests.

-Peach and white cranberry sangria

- Vegan mint chocolate white russian

-Apple cider sangria

-Salted caramel martini

-Hazelnut whiskey punch

This is a saffron sticky cake, it was the best thing I baked in a long time! I served it with raspberry whipped cream

To the welcome drinks I made these appetizers

-2 baked brie cheese with honey and nuts

-Toast with goatcheese creme and blueberry reduction

-Smoked salmon bites

-Baked brie bites with swedish cloudberry jam

Nick and rosie made mac & cheese and lamb. I made seafood crepes, mashed potoatoes, stuffed peppers, mushroom sauce and a big salad.

We had about 10 friends over, this is Michelle and I look up to her a lot!

The cutest guest of the night was Lafayette!



It looks incredibly good Lina, seems like you're an excellent cook, the salmon bites are a great idea, I love that! <3