I would like to write about aging. It is not a sensitive subject for me at all. Some women do not like the question but I have no issues sharing my age. I am 35, turning 36 next year. For me, life just gets better with age. I would never want to be 25 again! The older I get, the more secure I am within myself and I enjoy life in new ways now. For me, the perfect Friday or Saturday night is to stay home, cook good food and watch an interesting documentary. Or even better- have family / friends over and play board games! Day drinking is way more fun than going to nightclubs and I avoid the restaurants with super loud music. If you can’t talk to each other in there what is the point of going to dinner with a group of friends!? Noises in general actually annoys me more and more. The last year in my Manhattan apartment I was soo fed up with the cars honking and hearing police sirens 24/7. Living outside Manhattan allows me to fall asleep to crickets and wake up to birds chirping. Life is good and I am learning to enjoy one day at a time. I don’t think I have done that before. Since I was little my life has been in the fast lane and I never really slowed down. My anxiety issues I have been dealing with comes from worrying too much about tomorrow. It takes some work but being able to do one day at a time has helped me a lot!

This is my happy place! After a long week of work I prefer to take of my make up off than put more on and I much rather wear a soft pyjamas than uncomfortable high heels! Here and there its fun to go out but I enjoy taking it easy more now than ever!



Very well said Lina, it's kinda nice to get some relief from all of the wild and crazy drama, slow down and just enjoy the creature comforts in life. <3