Lately I feel like I have been reminded about death everywhere I turn. My parents went to a funeral today, I am going myself to a funeral Saturday and it is the first time I am going to an open casket service. I am a bit nervous. Donny, a friend in my own age who also worked in nightlife died from cancer recently. Every single day when I drive, I pass by a cemetery and it is just an uneasy feeling. My biggest fear is to lose friends and family and I always worry about it.... Do you also have anxiety about dying or losing loved ones?



My condolences to you about Donny and the difficult times, stay strong <3 If it's any consolation, it's the same or even worse in my life, bizarre hunting accident, suicide, and another opioid overdose, plus my dad's got stage 4 cancer which isn't going great at all, and something about this all happening during the "merry" holiday season is f*cking horribly sad, I don't know why it feels so hopeless this year, can't seem to find joy in much, oh well, just have to hope for the best.