Worst flight ever...

I have never been this excited for a trip before. Spending Christmas in Sweden was something I looked forward to for a very long time!

Usually I fly Norwegian airlines but for whatever reason they stopped flying direct NYC-Stockholm. I always fly direct since I take strong meds for my fear and anxiety so I pass out and usually sleep all the way. The tickets are around $500 or so for round tip. Not bad at all. But now, since there is no more Norwegian options I had to fly SAS. I was not flexible with the dates because of work and HAD to fly these 2 certain dates. Therefor there was only 1 flight I could take. A seat in economy was almost $3000. That is A LOT! Again, I had no choice. Let me tell you...this day I flew out of NYC nothing went my way. The traffic to the airport was INSANE, an accident on the highway added more than 45 min and when I got to the airport SAS only had 1 desk open for this flight. The lines were out of control so by the time I got to the check-in I had missed my $3000 flight.

So now, I could either go back home and jump on the same flight the next day or take next flight out to Oslo. I chose the latter. The flights from Oslo to Stockholm where all sold out and I was put on a waiting-list. I crossed my fingers and flew to Oslo. Once there I learned that I will def not get on any of the Sweden flight so I was now stuck in Norway and train home was not an option. It would take 23 hours and 2 stops is impossible with 3 suitcases. My only option was to fly to Copenhagen. So i did. Before I flew to Denmark I booked a train ticket direct to Norrköping from Copenhagen so I could finally get home. Landed in Copenhagen and guess what... My bags were missing. So I got in the loooong line to customer service and of course missed the train I paid $150 for. No refund. Long story short, eventually I got my bags, had to wait for few hours for the next direct train and I made it to my parents house after 25 hours of traveling. I will NEVER miss a flight again. That is a promise.

It was such a good feeling to be home FINALLY and mom had prepared "glögg"!

You can not imagine how much I have missed these 2!!!!!!!!

The day before Christmas we had a dinner at my brothers house with all my brothers and my sisters and their families!

Every year we play this gift game, it is soo much fun to fight about the gifts. I think it is called "secret santa" in America...

Look what Cash and Flow got in their socks Christmas morning!!

Every Christmas we go to the family graves and light candles. My grandparents on my fathers side are resting here.

Christmas eve!!!!! Seriously my fav day out of the entire year! I am very traditional and sentimental and I enjoyed every second of this day. I wish I had more photos but my mothr has a rule that if you are on your phone a gift will be taken away from you! This is my brother Anders (Manne) and his family. I am Godmother to the little cutie who can't sit still!

Santa Claus came to us!

We said we were not going to give lots of gifts this year.... ok...

Another Secret Santa game!

Our faily loves games, any kind of game. This is sooo much fun to me!

Look how cute my hometown is!!! My best friend Emelie just moved in to one of these houses!

Christmas day I invited everyone to dinner at my brothers house. We played more games and drank glögg!

My favorite spot in my parents house. It is soo cozy with an open fire!

I made coconut margaritas!

Again, more games. Trivia this time. My uncle Bengt in the picture ALWAYS wins. He is a doctor and is the most educated person I know. He seriously knows EVERYTHING!

Our pool is resting and awaiting a new summer...

This is how my mom served breakfast, it is like a hotel breakfast buffet. I am lucky to have parents who runs a bed and breakfast!

Homemade marmelades!

This was my last night at home. Time really flew by fast and I wish I could have stayed longer..... As you know I have a big passion for cooking and making cocktails. This is creme cheese bites with truffle honey and champagne

For dessert I made almond flavored Irish Whiskey

Good Bye Sweden, I can not wait to come back and visit again!

Flow was the co-pilot to take mommy back to Arlanda.