Came back from Hamptons and reality hit real hard.

I got one of those phone calls I just knew before I picked up something was wrong. Mom called me at a weird time and I knew something was not right.

My dad had went to the ER in an ambulance. I have said this many times, it really sucks so much to live an ocean away when my family needs me or when someone is sick like this. I feel so helpless and the anxiety is sky high of worry.

Thank God he woke up after a 6 hour emergency surgery and sounded weak but at least alive on the phone today. Tomorrow they will check another issue out and I am praying everything will be fine. I just want to be home when this happens. Feels like Im sitting on needles here and I just want to be close to my parents now....

At the same time we have the end of our quarter and all goals needs to be met. It has been busy weeks and I have so many places to go every single day but in times like this I just want to be home and pray for my dad....