Something I don't understand and agree with are all these STUPID ideas that dogs can not swim in lakes. It is in my opinion really messed up. Yesterday when we were in Central Park for pic nic ash pretty quickly got hot and wanted to go for a swim. Of course there is a sign saying "No dogs allowed in the water". WHY!????

First of all... dogs have fur and need to cool off. They can't speak, take their fur off or turn the AC on. Animals needs to cool off and in this case, jumping in the water is the only way for her. It really pisses me off that humans think we should have access freely to Gods green earth, parks and beaches but dogs can't!? Same thing with the beach. I understand that we want to keep a clean beach but I trust that dog owners pick up after their dogs. I sure do. But look at how mankind destroys oceans and throws plastic bags, cans and trash everywhere! We have pools, air conditioning and a choice how to dress to keep ourselves cool but a dog can not. Therefore it should OF COURSE be allowed to let your dog take a swim!

When we sat down in the park yesterday there was another group of people next to us with a dog. Cash said hello and they wanted to play so I was going to take the leash off. The other woman said - No please don't! My dog gets jealous and starts to bark if another dog is off the leash!

What is wrong with people!??

Cash never leaves my side, she is not aggressive whatsoever and she is very well trained. I took the leash off.



Monica Axmacher
I fullly agree!!!!Poor animals around the world!Human beings have taken over all nature and they have destroyed not just the seas - the air as well!