Weekend VLOG!

What a perfect weekend! Very relaxing and I actually got a bit of a tan! I am so ready for a new week and this coming Friday is Swedish Midsummer. I obviously can not go home to celebrate so I will create our own Midsummer celebration here the true Swedish style! As much as I can at least.. Usually I buy all the Swedish food at IKEA but they are still closed. Might have to improvise a bit....

Cashie and I spent Saturday in the city, was fun to be out and about for a min!

SoHo Grand Hotel Diner seriously have the best "Frose" in the city if you ask me! They make it with strawberries and basil. I am trying to copy their recipe at home:-)

With beautiful weather all weekend we spent a lot of time in our backyard. Cash really enjoys her pool, so happy i got it. Would been too hot for her without it!

I made a Vlog this weekend for you guys! Answered all your questions - hope you like it!!!