Weekend mood

Sunday is my favorite day of the week but tomorow I will be working at the Tacos & Tequila festival all day so instead, Cashie and I pretended it was Sunday today because it feels like it is going to be Monday tomorrow!

We slept in and woke up slowly to some true crime. That is my absolute fav kind of TV-show to watch!

After breakfast we went to the park and took a long hour walk in the forest. Love feeling the cold crisp air on my skin!

When we got home we were so cold so I made us some hot tea and a blueberry pie!

Waiting for the pie in the oven.....

It was delicious! I always serve my homemade pies with Swedish vanilla sauce and as you can see I cover my pie with it. It is basically vanilla soup with a piece of pie:-)

These are the things I like to do on the weekends. Such a feel-good-routine!

I am def going to bed early tonight. Have a busy week ahead of me. Tomorrow I have an all day at this event in Long Island and Monday morning I have to leave my house around 7 am to drive all the way to upstate NY. It is a 6+ hour drive one way! Will pack tonight so I am ready to go Monday!