Today we took a nice 2 hour walk in the nearby park. I have to say, it is nice not to have any times to catch. Never have to look at my watch.

I crave fruits more than ever right now. Especially oranges. So we stopped at the grocery store on the way home and stocked up!

The secret to my fruit salad is to add walnuts and orange juice. Crunch and a bit of extra sweetness makes a big difference!

It is not even 8 pm and I am already in bed. Cash is under the comforter and the window is open. I love sleeping under a big fluffy and extra warm comforter in a chilly room feeling the breeze from the window.

Yesterday I came up with a new idea, something I really would like to do. That is all I think about now and I am looking in to how to make it a reality. I got so much time on my hands now to start this little project. It would be a dream come true for me.