We have tested POSITIVE for the virus!

We just got the test results today and I am not surprised at all. Not at all. Here is why. Since I met my husband I have NEVER seen him sick. He has never called in sick for work so I knew what he was dealing with (he got sick before me) was something more than a regular flu.

First time he went to the doctor they would not test him for COVID 19 because they are very limited and focused on the risk zone patients. But they did test him for the flu, that came back NEGATIVE. He was sent back home to isolation with me and he eventually got better. It took a week before he was back on his feet. My husband is a young, very strong and super healthy guy and like I said, I have never seen him sick at all before.

Not long after he was suffering from this I started feeling symptoms as well. I can not remember last time I had the flu. It has been many years. My immune system is strong and I felt very weird and different when the Corona hit me. These are my symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Body aches (mostly neck and hips)
  • Cold
  • Cough
  • Severe headache
  • Fatigue
  • Complete loss of smell and taste
  • Difficulties to breath / shortness of breath

I have never felt my lungs like this before. I grew up playing trumpet and we lived in a house with indoor pool. I was always swimming and mostly under water. I KNOW I have strong and healthy lungs. Have never smoked a cigarette in my entire life. So for me to feel my lungs this weak is scary to me. I can not do any kind of exercise. Just walking up 1 flight of stairs makes me want to sit down and sigh deep to catch my breath. Every time I breath deep to get enough air it makes me cough. It is a dry cough and I can feel that it is deep down in my lungs and my cough does not reach down there. Never experienced this before.

I do not want anyone to worry about me or us. My husband is back to basically 100% healthy again and I will fight this as well.

But I can say this, for me to experience the difficulties to breath means that for someone with Asthma for example- this virus is VERY dangerous. Do not take this lightly, PLEASE do what you can to stop the spread. There are lots of member is our community who are weak, old and with underlying conditions who would not survive this. I will!



nejla nourai
Wishing you a quick recovery beautiful Lina. big kisses
Krya pÄ dig och ta hand om hundarna!!!