Valentino partnership

I got an email from the CEO of Valentino (by Mario Valentino) who invited me to come in to their headquarters for a casting. As the curious girl I am I went in and WOW what a fun experience!

They have a penthouse office on 7th ave and I spent about an hour with them today. We had some wine together and discussed a partnership. They have picked a handful of influencers in NYC to wear their designs and I am one of them!

I have to say that this came a bit of a surprise for me because I don't see myself as an influencer, I don't even have 10k followers on instagram yet. But Valentino USA found me and wants to work with me.... How cool is that!?

I got to see both the shoe and bag collections for Spring 2021 and also pick and choose. I am officially sponsored by Valentino and am very happy to say that!

Check out their stuff on this link!!!




Congrats for your collaboration with them! ❤️🍾