Updates from our quarantine

Time goes by so slow especially when you feel like crap but I am continuing practicing videos for my youtube channel Last night I made a cocktail video and I am a bit nervous to publish it because I am uncomfortable in front of the camera and I feel like such a rookie at this! As soon as I am done with the last edits I will show you the results!

I read in the new this am that at least 1 person an hour dies from Corona in NYC currently. Yesterday I found out that a close girlfriend of mine is in coma in ICU due to the virus. That is really scary and it feels like it gets more and more serious. Feels so surreal! I am worried about our economy, I am worried about people losing their jobs but more than anything I am worried about my friend. She has to make it. I am praying every day for her survival.

Take care of each other, stay inside, be safe and never take anyone for granted.

Good news is that Cash feels better and her medicine is working!