Uncle Bengt

On the way from the funeral we stopped by a restaurant in Linköping to sell some tequila. We went to New York Legends and my uncle had such a good time! I don't think he has been out on a lounge like this in many many years!

Uncle Bengt is probably my favorite person in the entire world! He is 84 years old and is a retired doctor. He has so many stories to share and is the most educated person I know. I can listen to his stories for hours, he is simply amazing!

To make this moment extra special I ordered in rounds of "hot shots" for us (he has never tried those before) and I also ordered every cocktail on the menu so uncle Bengt could try them all! I mean, he is never out for cocktails so I wanted to make the most out of this! It was also a great way to turn the tears around to smiles and memories.

As we sat there we made friends with someone called "The moose" He was sitting solo but ended up sitting with us and having "hot shots" with uncle Bengt:-)