Swedish midsummer

What an amazing day we had!!! I can't remember last time I had this much fun!

I love this dress! I got it for $20 on Amazon and I actually just ordered 3 more colors of it!

Swedish midsummer buffet! Usually I buy Swedish food at IKEA but since they are closed I couldn't find everything I needed... I was able to find the herring at Amazon. $30 for that little jar!

Everybody loved my salmon pudding!

I infused a bottle of vodka and made homemade snaps! Wild strawberry flavor!

It felt so good to speak Swedish all day and hang out with people from my culture. I really needed that!

This is Tessa, she is sooo sweet! I have met her once before we have a friend in common. The others I had never met before but everyone was really soo sweet and interesting!

We had some deep conversations, played "never have I ever" and sang lots of Swedish songs

I LOVE hosting dinners like this. We had so much fun so we actually decided to do it all over again next weekend!

Hope you had had a great midsummer, I will never forget this one!