Sweden bound

I was counting down the days. Once I found out how sick my father is I just wanted to go home.

I packed the biggest 2 suitcases we have and left NYC. I have to say, having a fear of flying Scandinavian airlines are actually really good. The staff has been amazing with both me and Cash.

Since I am flying with Cash I have to fly direct. And currently no airlines are servicing Stockholm direct from NYC. Therefor I fly to Copenhagen Denmark. My girl Marie was sooo sweet to pick us up and drive us all the way home. That is a 6 hour drive!.Girl talk all the way! So nice to catch up and get some one on one quality time.

First stop when I get to Sweden is always something swedish to eat that I longed for. This time (and usually is) a hot dog at Shell with swedish shrimp salad. YUM!

Cash is so well behaved when we travel. She sleeps all the way. Does not move at all or complain. Easy breezy travel companion!

Marie helped me with a make-over for mom! She needed to update her hair cut and color really bad. And I did her make up!

Before and after!

Since I came home yesterday I have slept a lot. My body is still on NYC time and I am trying to adapt. I have also slept, watched the new Beck movie, cooked and played some Uno. Quarantine life continues and I am not complaining. I just want to be close to my family. I am happy to be home.