We have had an amazing weekend together. I planned an entire day for my husband and put a lot of thought into this. He is so good to me, he works very hard and he never asks for anything. Tyrone is a very simple person and I say that in a positive way. He does not care about expensive things, designer clothes, cool parties or anything shallow. He always puts me first and we have a very solid and happy marriage based on good communication, love and understanding. Don't get me wrong, nothing is perfect and we fight like cat and dog at times but at the end of the day... we always figure it out. Communication is so important. To listen to each other and to always better yourself is something we both do.

Since we started dating I always planned small surprises for him and I make sure I do something extra sweet for him at least once a week. It can be a little note in his lunch bag, a breakfast in bed or a nice gift of some kind. Once in a while I plan something bigger like this one. I got this idea when the thunderbirds flew over NYC the other week and he mentioned he always wanted to fly a fighter jet. That is how I came up with this idea!

Always remember - the grass is green where you water it!

When I woke him up I had made us breakfast in our backyard. He loved it! Cash got grilled chicken and loved it too!

Packed some drinks for us :-)

Before take off he had to learn how to shoot himself out of the plane in case of emergency!

After the airplane experience we had a really nice pic nic in the park! I think Cash enjoyed it more than both of us I think!

After pic nic in the park we went out for dinner, can you believe it!? It was so much fun! Too much fun to be honest:-)

Nick and Rosie join us for dinner as a surprise for T-bone! We are socially starving so it was an amazing time being able to hang out with friends for a change.

We had dinner at a secret location and this pasta is seriously the best I have ever had. That is a big statement but it is true!

Watch the video guys, this is a day we will never forget! Thank you to everyone who made this possible!