Sunday thoughts....

Sitting here on my computer reading blogs and watching youtube videos and I want to share some thoughts with you. As an influencer I think you should take responsibility for what you share and how you deliver it. Currently Watching Bianca Ingrosso, I think she seems very sweet and fun. Actually really enjoy watching her videos - very entertaining BUT it annoys me so much that she is cursing like a sailor. Basically in every sentence she swears and I don't think it is a good look. It really gives me a bad taste in my mouth. Im thinking about all the younger girls who follows her and looks up to her. I am sure they will take after that kind of language. Just a thought...

Also I feel like she is buying a lot and throwing away a lot. Do you agree? Consumption hype in my opinion. For example her kitchen is so beautiful and I have been really inspired by her style. I am planning to redo our own kitchen because it is old but now she is already going to renovate her top notch kitchen!? Im like: Jesus... I can't keep up LOL.

I just think it is important how you influence other. I am no influencer but for me my core values are:

  • Be kind to others.
  • Be nice to animals
  • If you can help someone, you should!

It is important for me to help others in every way I can. Doesn't have to be anything big but just look out for others and make sure you treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. The other day I bought ice-cream for all the kids around here, the other week I paid for a meal for the car behind me in drive through just to be kind. Last week I went to a senior living complex and asked if I was allowed to bake something for them and drop off (I wasn't but I tried), I always speak up for animals and I try to tip well when I can.

Lead by example and care for others. That is how I think we all should live. Especially if you are influencing others!



"Whatever happened to the Golden Rule?" Crossfire - Stevie Ray Vaughan
What you are describing is the principle of the golden rule, you have a very beautiful heart and generous soul lovely Lina <3