Stock up!

The time is here to pack and prepare for my return to New York. Per usual, mixed feelings but I do miss my husband a lot. Can not wait to see him again!

One of my obsessions is airbrush tanning. Many years ago I worked in a salon as an airbrush tanning artist and I believe I have tried every lotion, mousse or spray out there. Seriously, this one is the best I have tried in YEARS!!! Trust me on this, does not smell bad, the result is fabulous, does not come out orange and it actually shows tons of color. I spray it on before I go to bed and wake up bronzed without a bad smell!

You can find it in the H&M stores in Sweden and I am sure you can buy it online too!

I always bring all the things back that I can not find in the stores in NYC. Mostly food! These are the things I am stuffing in my suitcase this trip! I wish this was sold in America!