Small town charm

The days are short here now. It might sound crazy but I love the darkness. The sun sets around 3 pm. It is so cozy and I love being home where my roots are.

I bought my parents an apple TV and I am trying to teach them how to get into Netflix. They always complain about the commercials on regular TV so I brought home a solution. The next problem now it to teach them a new routine. What do they say about old dogs and sitting...?

Tonight they did get into the show "The Crown" I think they watched 7 episodes straight!

I took a walk in my hometown. Where we currently live is about a 30 min drive to get to Söderköping. I am so emotionally attached to this place and I truly miss living here. I can honestly say that I am jealous of everyone who gets to spend all year here. What a dream! In my dreamworld I would have a house here and keep our base in New York. I need more of Sweden in my life and I have to figure out how to make that my reality. Life is too short.

Our (one and only) bookstore is actually the oldest one in the entire country!. Established 1815.

I was looking around online for a couple of gifts for my parents but then realized I should not spend my $ with the big online stores but instead support our local shops! Said and done!

I also went to our bakery. I was an intern here when I was 13:-)

When we got home I cooked lasagna for my parents and uncle who lives with us. It came our great and we really enjoyed dinner!

A glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away!

As a dessert I served the pastries I picked up from the bakery along with a coffee martini!

I rarely measure anything I make but here are the ingredients to the martini:

  • Cold coffee
  • Baileys
  • Coffee Liquor
  • Vodka
  • Heavy cream (just a little bit to make it a bit creamier)
  • I garnish the glass on the inside with chocolate syrup/sauce

I have picked up a new hobby/obsession.... Crosswords! It is so much fun!

I never really had the time to do it before. Or maybe I am just getting old LOL