Slow days

This is just what I need. Wake up when I wake up, not have any times to catch, no pressure, take a nap when I want and eat moms home cooked meals. I spend my days in front of the TV, with candles, reading a lot, cooking and cuddling with our dogs.

My uncle Bengt (my moms brother) also lives with us. He is 84 years old and a retired doctor. We have many interesting conversations with him. I don't know anyone who is more knowledgable and well educated than him.

I try to keep them active, on their feet and young! The other day we took a walk in the forrest. Feels good to get some fresh air!

It is painful to see my dad in such a bad shape. We are still waiting for more test results so don't know yet what to expect. He is now recovering from the aneurysm surgery. Next step is to go down in his lungs to see what kind of cancer it is and how aggressive. He just had a brain scan to see if the cancer has spread. That is all we know as of now. We try to keep a positive mindset and live life to the fullest. One day at a time.

Food and drinks is a big passion in our household. The other night I served an elderflower / gin cocktail. It was very appreciated!

As an appetizer we had shrimp, garlic bread, different cheeses, aioli and champagne. This is one of the best things I know!

My mom, her best friend Kerstin and I went to Norrköping yesterday. Newport has opened their new outlet store and my BFF Emelie has a collaboration with them!