I have never seen anything like this, it is INSANE!

All restaurants, bars and clubs are closed. They are also closing all retail shops and malls for the rest of the month. I am going to be so restless!

Grand central station is basically EMPTY!

Not many cars out at all....

The stores have been out of paper tissue for days now!

Cashie is happy to have both mommy and daddy home all day and the only time we leave the house is to take her to the forest or go to the store!

I have a new hobby and you are about to see it. It is so much fun to watch youtube videos so I am doing my own now too. Starting from scratch teaching myself how to edit and cut the videos. It if fun!

We have spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and I also baked something today!

So this was the recipe I found on Pinterest... it looked so pretty and good!

And this is how mine came out LOL! But it really taste good though. I tried to find mint leaves in the store but it was sold out:-( I thought about sticking some parsley in there for decoration but changed my mind hahaha

This was us tonight trying to make me get comfortable in front of the video camera for my youtube channel. I am not used to it so it will get me a minute to get in to it but you will see... I think it will be great!

My husband is really the best, whatever ideas I come up with he always support me to the fullest and let me find my way with 100% support from him. It is such a good feeling to know he got my back no matter what!