Pool and Crayfish party!

What a fun day! The first guests arrived around 11 am and the party went on all night! We ended up being 30 ppl and about 10 kids! Our family sure knows how to party!

It is kind of a tradition for me to arrange a big get together for my friends and family once a year. I love planning and hosting parties, my family rarely throw any big events unless I take charge and it is also a way for me to kill a lot of birds in 1 stone. To see and catch up with as many of my friends as possible in one shot. This party was probably one of the best ones so far. Weather was decent (up until a sudden thunderstorm that lasted 5 min) and it is really such a great time to have all day in the pool together. Everyone loved our springboard and my frozen watermelon cocktails. I was too busy hosting everyone to take great pictures so I just have a few...

I have been in the mood for a Swedish "Smorgastarta" for months so that is what we had for lunch by the pool!

Our friends are crazy and def the lift of the party! Marie represents me and Paul represents T:-)

We set up a bakery station for dessert! My girl Jenny recently finished her education at Culinary arts academy in Switzerland. So proud of her!

If you are interested in baking, follow her on IG! @a_piece_of_fika

My uncle Bengt and my big brother Totte

Everyone loves Gabbi!

Emelie and Bengt shared some good laughs:-)

My cuz "Sussi" !

I held a speech to kick off the party, figured I could share it with you guys here:-)

I would like for a minute to grab your attention.

Just to say welcome, make a toast and release any kind of tension.

The day I have been waiting so long for is finally here,

let’s all grab a glass of snaps, wine or even beer!

In the year of this freaking pandemic and annoying Corona,

trust me -just to be with you all here today I would spend every single Swedish krona!

As soon as all these travel restrictions lift,

we truly hope to get lots of visits - it would be such an amazing gift.

If I had a choice to go on a vacation abroad,

some time off with my entire squad.

St Tropez, Ibiza, Cape town or Rome?

That is an easy choice for me – there is no place like home!

I am so proud to be here with my better half,

don’t want mom to miss a second of it so we hired help and staff.

It touches us that you have travelled from near and far,

did you come for us, the pool or just for the open bar?

You all know me very well, so I think you can see that for me to have (Cash) & Flow

and to be surrounded by you all definitely makes me happy and glow!

Im excited to begin this Summerfest and crayfish party,

dig in, feel like home and lets together eat something hearty.

Thank you mom and dad for lending me your beautiful big and spacious house.

If you are going to drink anyone under the table tonight, please let it be my American spouse!

Let this night bring us together

and lets pray for at least decent weather!

Lastly I would like to toast because together we managed to beat this stupid virus sickness, that’s what we do- we stick together through thin and thickness!



That's pretty awesome! Love the rousing, defiant speech!