Me, Rosie and Cashie went for a drive in the city today. I had a few stops for work and then we had a bite and a drink together. We found a restaurant (that we both work with) that let us have a drink while we waited for food. I am not sure if you can see but Rosie is holding cake pops in her hand and she actually made them herself! Every Wednesday she is baking on IG, its fun to watch! @rosesarefreee

OMG, it has been so long since I wore heels and hung out with a friend!

We have known each other for a long time, met met while working for the same gin-brand back in the day! We got married one week apart and she is prob the most direct and honest person I met! Love her!

I am planning a date for me and T-bone this weekend, it is going to be epic! I LOVE planning surprises for him and this one is a good one. It is just a few things that has to fall in place. But so far it looks like it is a go! Of course I will make a video and shoe you guys what I have planned. Stay tuned!