People I have a tough time dealing with

What a day. What a week. What a year. It is an uphill battle.

If you know me you know that I am a peoples person but there are certain personality types I find very challenging to be involved with.

We can start with the moody one. This is something I never really let into my life too much because it generates huge amount of anxiety. I mean the people who you never really know where you "have them". One day he/she can be super happy and bubbly but next day completely different energy. Basically a new personality. I need stability and just cant deal with someone who changes drastically from day to day! This is a no go for me. I can't deal with this.

Second one is the person who can not admit their own faults and is also not willing to change or work on improvements. Everyone is wrong from time to time and it is never fun to admit that but it is essential for a healthy relationship/friendship that both parts take responsibility and have the ability for self insight. This is someone who is in constant denial and is never open to a new idea if it includes any kind of constructive criticism directed his/her way. This can drive me completely NUTS! I have a on/on friend who struggles with mental illnesses and acts like he/she doesn't need to do anything about it. On top of that there is also this personality type with a severe allergy to fair criticism. If you tell this person anything he/she doesn't want to hear it will start a major problem and the fight has begun. It turns sour real quick. I want to believe that I am a pretty understanding and have somewhat of a talent when it comes to communication. But it doesn't matter how much I wrap the uncomfortable truth up in fluff and give a comforting approach. Once that message is delivered there is always a hard stop and a change in tone.I try to always be honest with myself even when it is not to my benefit. I might do wrong, hurt people, forget things, cut corners and mess things up. I do. None of us are perfect. But I am my own worst critic and I turn to my self and want to do better. It is so important for me to reflect on my shortcomings so I can be a better Lina tomorrow. Therefore it is extremely challenging for me to be in a close relationship to this kind of denial.

The last personality type I struggle with is the egoistic kind. Me me me me me me. I am sure you all know someone like this. In any conversation, dinner of phone call it is all about him/her. When you try to tell a story that person cuts you off and switches the convo to their point of view and suddenly it is now not your story to tell anymore. He/she has always done this+that, more than you and wants to advertise their point of view and always run you over. There is absolutely zero interest in anything or anyone else but themselves.There is nothing charming about this and it really really really turns me off.

The reason why I write this now is that it becomes even more vivid to me in tough times like this. Considered everything going on I am stressed the f- out, I carry tons of anxiety and I am scared. Therefore my temper is shorter and I have way less tolerance for all the above. I am mentally and emotionally exhausted.