NoMo SoHo

This has been a good week for me. Things have been going my way and I am counting down the days to go home for Christmas. I seriously can not wait. It is my fav day of the whole year and I have not been home for Christmas in 3 years!! I always fly Norwegian but suddenly they have stopped the direct flights between NYC and Stockholm!?? I have to fly direct since I am on heavy medication when I fly and Cash is coming back to NYC with me this time. So usually I pay $400-$500 for a round trip ticket. You will not believe how much my ticket was this year. It is INSANE!!!!!! $2700!!!! There was other options with 1 stop but then I would have to sit at the airport and wait for 13 hours. That is not an option for me.

We had lunch at NoMo in SoHo the other day. It is one of my accounts and they have a hot cocktail there I absolutely love!

I am so excited about the snow! Would never be able to live somewhere without seasons. Don't understand people who wants to live in Florida all year around at all!