New week!

Monday is my absolute favorite day of the week. Love the new start. I always start my Monday with sending in my weekly report to our office and planning for the new week. After that we have a weekly companywide zoom conference. Great start to my Monday!

This week I will spend 2 days in The Hamptons and 1 in Connecticut. Weather has gotten really hot here and it feels so good with summer!



When I was a kid we had a St. Bernard and a Samoyed, breeds that are happiest in the coldest weather, it always seemed like they couldn't wait for summer to end, haha. But seriously, I couldn't believe hearing about the biggest story really that few know about, the Arctic and Siberian heat waves this summer, it wasn't supposed to happen like this until about 2100, and heat waves have become the number one weather-related killer now and I worry that when it gets bad this summer, and folks are afraid to go out with a virus, they will endanger themselves in domiciles with no/non-functioning AC units, I hope each city prepares with cooling centers where folks can go in the pandemic if need be