New start

I feel like I have so many things to look forward to. First of all, if borders open up before - my brother Manne and his family will come visit me in September. It feels so far away but that is something I basically can't wait for! No one but my mother has been to our house and it has been way too long since I had a visit from any family or Swedish friends. It does get lonely here and I am praying the pandemic will come to end end sooner than later.

I have also negotiated and agreed with my tequila and I will go back to work there (part-time) Monday. So from now on I have 2 part-time jobs and that fits me much better than 1 full time as of now. More flexibility, freedom and personal time will do me good. I am very excited and am really looking forward to dive back in!

Believe it or not, me and my husband have never been on a vacation together. Well, we have had some time off together and spent those days i Sweden with my family (and we also went to a wedding in DR once) but we never had a "real" vacation just the 2 of us. It has been a long time coming. So we have now decided on a destination and at the end of March we will be going to Tulum Mexico. White beaches, piña coladas and fun in the sun - here we come!