My plans this week

Had a good start to my week so far! Got a pretty busy week a head of me, here are some of the things I have planned:

  • Doctors appointment
  • Lots of accounts to visit/meetings
  • 2 Conference calls
  • Hairdresser
  • Manicure+Pedicure
  • Gym
  • Pack for my trip back home

I wish it was snow in Sweden now, I am dreaming about cross country skiing. That is something I really miss!



You look so beautiful Lina! <3 Seems like there are still some glitches with, like when I comment, it stops and disappears and like the browser refresh button is like flashing back and forth. I have to go back to the doctors/hospitals again, this time from something that happened that shouldn't have in my earlier treatment which really sucks to have some peripheral, preventable issue bring me back to square one again and I really don't like going, God I just wanna be health again, like I was a couple of months ago, I'd trade anything for that state of good health. Hope your stuff goes well, take care <3