My kind of vacation

Some people love to go on adventures and have active vacations but for me I enjoy the complete opposite. My life in NYC is so hectic and busy so I prefer to have slow days without a lot of plans when I am off. Just a long day on a beach if we are in a tropical destination or just time home on the countryside if we are in Sweden. That is my kind of vacation! My husband has left and is back home in NYC again but here are some pictures from our past week!

It is so much fun to play with my drone!

Monday we went to Söderköping with my mom and uncle Bengt.

Lunch by the canal with a bottle of Sancerre! One of the things discussed was how to tip on the check. My mom thinks I tip too heavy but I am used to the way we pay in NYC and I want to be the kind of customer I wish I had if I was a waitress. But I am gong to make an example here and you let me know what you think.

We say down at this restaurant and eventually the waitress came over. I asked for the menu. There was none, only the printed one outside of the restaurant inside of the glass box. Now my 84 year old uncle and the rest of us had to get back up to go outside to read the menu. Isn't that weird that a restaurant don't have a menu inside? Anyhow. The menu offered a lot of delicious options but unfortunately 95% of the dishes were not available because they were out of food and hadn't got another delivery. Isn't that strange that a restaurant is out of food? So there were 4 options on the menu now.

Only 1 options of white wine by the glass. A dark yellow Chardonnay. Basically the only wine I just can't drink. Don't like it at all. So I decide to order a bottle for us instead. I asked for a bottle of ice cold white Sancerre. When she delivered the wine the bottle was a bit chilly but the wine was def not. The waitress was def not helpful and prob thought I asked for "too much" . The solution, to add ice to my wine. Said and done.

I believe our check was about 800 SEK and I added 200 SEK in tip. My mother thought I tipped way too much for the poor service. How much do you tip in Sweden? Most people don't tip at all I hear....

After dinner we walked over to "Smultronstället" ice-cream restaurant.

I try to visit every summer and it never gets old! The menu updates every year and I admire their creativity!

For you who don't know, this is a famous ice-cream restaurant in my hometown and they sell more ice-cream than anyone else in the entire Europe! You sit down just like in a regular restaurant but the menu offers only ice-cream creations!

Raspberry and licorice deliciousness!

Flowbo and her daddy has spend some quality time together this week. She never gets tired of playing with her ball!

We played Badminton and T won of course!

This hot honey has been a hit here! It is soo good onto of some cheese!

This is a Swedish cake you can only buy in the very south of Sweden. It is called "Spättekaka". Super yummi!



I haven't heard that name in a while, but I knew a Bengt in h.s., in band we both played saxophone, definitely Swedish name.