My fav IG accounts

How much time do we spend on IG everyday? I figured I share the accounts I like the most with you!

First one is a baking blog. It is all in Swedish but I find so much inspiration here!

Drinks of Thed is a page I pretty recently discovered, he is the king of cocktails and garnishes!

If you are a foodie and live in NYC or is visiting us here, this is a really cool account. All these very "instagrammable" and unique dishes are def worth checking out!

The NR 1 influencer in NYC is Tezza and her photos are soo cool and creative! All pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

Ok, yes I am a huge animal lover but right now I am in a goat-phase! These 2 goats are too cute and I stalk them everyday LOL!

This is a very funny page if you are Swedish with a weird humor like myself! I find the captions to these ugly shoes hilarious!

I don't follow that many influencers but my 2 fav ones are these girls! Molly has a really clean and beautiful style, love looking at her posts and stories! Her friend Hannalicious who I also know (we are from the same hometown) is also one of my absolute fav. She is always inspiring me and also shares great healthy recipes in her blog! 2 power woman right here!

Another animal account! I think I follow more animals than people haha! I mean who doesn't want a pet raccoon!??

The dodo always shares heartwarming stories. A lot of rescue animals and I LOVE this page!! It is a must follow is you love animals!

Cocktails and more cocktails! The tipsy bartender is very entertaining and makes super cool cocktails but most of them very unhealthy though...but follow him if you like to make cocktails at home!

The last one is such an amazing person who rescues wild animals in Mexico. It is on my bucket list to visit this farm. It would be a dream come true!!!!



Seems like the whole world is hating on bats. But honestly, we shouldn't be blaming the bats for the pandemic. In fact, here one of the reasons we don't have any mosquito problems at all, is because at night there are bats flying around eating them, and I think they're pretty cool whizzing around silently with their built-in radar that senses their surroundings. And if left alone, they are harmless to humans, even helpful. Let's take a moment to appreciate the vital role that each creature plays in the circle of life. "“I will do anything that comes along that deals with helping wildlife,”