Yesterday was my 36th birthday and I had such a great time! First of all, I have just finished a class in tequila knowledge. It was a very thorough education about Mexican history, mythology, laws & regulations, tequila production, categories and classes, agave anatomy and lots of other interesting facts! Yesterday I took the test and I passed it! Just waiting for my diploma and certification in the mail now:-)

Cashie and T-bone surprised me with a birthday cake in bed! I am currently completely obsessed with goats and that was what I wanted for my birthday:-) Therefore the goat on my cake!

We were lucky with the weather but the forecast was rain. My man had something planned for us but since it was supposed to be raining we postponed it to another day.
Cash loves laying in the sun! Sneak-peak of our patio and bar. It is not done yet but as soon as it is I will show you!

I got myself this jacket for my birthday and I love it! It is very heavy and sturdy so ti will take me a while to "break it in".

We went to the city on a cocktail-hunt! Just a spontaneous day enjoying each others company!

Last stop for the day! We managed to get some food here and it was DELICIOUS!

I got so much birthday-love from my friends and family yesterday, it truly warmed my Swedish heart! Video greetings, cards in the mail, emails, phone calls, gifts, comments and FaceTime calls!

We are enjoying a long Memorial day weekend, both off from work and today is a relaxing rainy Saturday.

I made us breakfast in bed (Swedish oatmeal) and today will be a stay home movie marathon kind of day! Tomorrow we are going for a BBQ in Long Island!

We made a video from yesterday, hope you like it!