Mr Big

So this is one on of robes that I love very much! It is from La Perla and it was very very expensive. When I bought it, it was cream white and beautiful! Last week I took it to get dry cleaned and it came back purple.... To be honest I love this color more but I just think it is messed up that they color peoples clothes. If it turned out red or orange I would never wear it again. I am debating if I should go back and address it or just leave it alone... I can not trust them in the future with white clothes- that is for sure!

Thursday was a productive day and fun night!

One of my stops was STK Downtown. This is def a bit of a "touristy" place but I think the food is delicious here! We love to come here on date nights, so it is on my top 20 list in NYC for a fun night out!

During the summer they have a rooftop and this spring they will launch a frozen cocktail with our tequila! Can't wait!

Since they do not have Còdigo 1530 tequila on the menu yet, these 2 cocktails have been our favorites so far!

After my meetings Rosie and I had some drinks with my friend Chris "Mr Big" Noth. He is also in the liquor business but acting is still his main focus. Rosie works for Lavazza coffee and we love going out to accounts together!