Monday Mood

I had a pretty productive and cozy Monday. It was rainy and windy so I stayed in basically all day!

This past weekend I was supposed to surprise my hubby with a really cool date and I was so excited to show you what I have planned. But it is weather dependent so we had to postpone it. Hopefully this coming weekend will be better weather!

I tried on some outfits from my closet today and I suddenly realized how much weight I gained from quarantine. Cooking, baking and eating obviously too much and not getting enough exercise. I am going to make an effort to run more and cut some corner on my diet.

I know that my stomach / colon conditions in combination with my meds makes me add lbs and collect water in my body. It is an uphill battle but just as easy it is for me to gain weight - it is usually just as easy to drop it!

But overall no complaints. My stomach pains and issues has really improved and I feel very healthy and stable in general!



Your closet has some great outfits ))