Mexico Part 3

We stayed at our bosses houses in El Dorado Beach Club. It is like paradise on earth here!!!

This was my bedroom, look at the view I woke up to very morning. Falling asleep to the sound of the waves is soo soothing and relaxing.

Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber (co-owner of Casamigos tequila) is building a house right next door!

This beauty is also on the east coast team, she rungs Washington DC and Maryland!

Welcome session followed by a dinner by the beach!

It gets pretty chilly at night so this fire came in handy after dinner!

Danielle from northern California took a morning swim before breakfast!

Everybody got a giftbag and here are some of the items I found in mine:-)

This is at our other bosses house where we held conferences all day. I know it looks like a big vacation but we actually had meetings evey day.

We also had an award session, I won for most creative liquor store display!

George Strait is one of our founding investors, he spent all week with us. He sat through all meetings, dinners and activations! Such a nice guy!

This is Gail who is our Florida superstar!

Mollie (Texas manager) takes a break!

Wednesday night we had dinner by the baseball field. First time I played beer pong and baseball!

When you first walked in to this event you got a tequila shot in an ice shot glass, you then throw the glass on the bell!

Pink team won!!! I actually scored a home-run!

More conference......

Thursday was such a perfect day! After conference we all went on a big yacht and I saw whales for the first time in my life!!!

My co-worker Jonathan had brought a bottle of Swedish snaps so we all had a shot of it and I taught the team to sing "Helan går"!

We docked the boat in the marina and had dinner at this cute little place. I got a pretty deep cut from a broken glass on my finger and bled all over the place lol. We all danced and had a blast together!

The last stretch of the night we spent at "Nowhere bar" in the marina!

I feel soo blessed to work for such a unique and well built brand. Our management is top notch and the team is a tight-knitted group who truly feels like one big family.

Some of my co-workers stayed the rest of the weekend and flew down their spouses. But I missed my husband and went back to NYC. This was me at the airport lounge, have nothing more to give LOL. It was a long week that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I spent all day today resting up for a new work week.

Thank you everybody involved in our company and trip, LOVE YOU ALL!



Looks like a great time Lina <3