Mexico part 2

The town of Tequila is sucha cute little place. I def recommend you go here if you have any interest in distilleries or want to see an old authentic Mexican town!

On the way from the hotel to our bottling facility!

We have a brand new facility and it was amazing to see how we bottle and quality control the juice. Our production expert took us through a full tasting and educational session in the converefnce room.

We got to try the newest member of our portfolio, our extra anejo aged for 12 years! It is very expensive and super delicious!

Every step of our production is made by hand. Event the labeling!

Quality control in 3 steps

Aging to perfection in French White Oak Barrels.

Along the way to our distillery we stopped and bought hats. Dirt cheap around $2 dollars a piece !

Agave fibers

First time I tasted cooked agave, it was very sweet!

The fermentation tanks

More barrels in the process of aging.

Finally the horses arrived! This was def the highlight of my entire week!

It was such a memorable experience to ride through the agave fields!

Ooops missed a few pictures from the distillery. Throwing cooked agave in to the chopper!

We had dinner under this big tree in the middle of the agave fields! They built a bar for us, we had open fire, a BBQ and music!

This is Ashly and Hailey. They both work in Colorado

I am def in my element here!

How cool is this!?? One of our fields is planted like the shape of our logo!

One of the Jimadors showed us how to cut the agave plant.

I fell in love with a stray dog. I gave her some chicken and water, my plan was to take her back to the hotel and order in room service for her but she ran away...:-(

Last day in Tequila before heading back to Cabo. I wish we had more time to walk around but I hope I will come back here!

The flight to Cabo is about 1 hour from Guadalajara.