Make Over

My mom needed a total renovation so I kidnapped her yesterday and spent the entire day in the city to give her a full make over!

This is the before picture!

First stop was manicure and after that we went to Gabbi at Make Up Store in Norrköping. She is a good friend of mine and is super talented in anything beauty related!

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After make-up we went to the hairdresser and colored moms hair for the first time ever!

She was a bit resistent but supringsingly happy with the result!

Hours of waiting....


Mom in her new outfits! Flowie didn't recognize her grandma!

Her brother was chocked but happy to see the new sister!

Thank you all for kicking in here and following me, always great to hear from you!

Below is the make-over vlog! Don't miss it!



So sweet vlog with your mama! ❤️