Lou Lou again!

Yes, I love this place, this cocktail and this melted cheese! Sara and Sophie from Stockholm was here this past week and we went out one night. It took me 3 days to recover LOL!

Cashie is also welcome at Lou Lou! She never bothers anyone, just sits right next to mommy!

This is Sara. One of the smartest and most talented people I know! Her, Sophie and I had a really good, deep conversation. About loneliness. To be honest, outside of my marriage I can often feel very lonely. This is something I will write more about in a separate blog post.... I wish Sophie and Sara lived here, we would have a lot of fun together and they have great values! That is one of the most important trades to me. I can not hang out with people who are too obsessed with money, fame, Kardashians or anything shallow. I am soooo tired of it! There is nothing better than deep conversations about real struggles, successes or feelings.