Life goes on

I am back on my after a long weekend. Felt good taking a bit of a break and relaxing for a bit to be honest.

I did not make it to the next round in the Maxim Cover Girl Contest but that is ok. I am not sad or disappointed at all. I really wanted to win the $ but it is also a bit of relief to be done with it. I was getting tired of asking people to vote because I am not the kind of person who likes to ask people for help. It makes me very uncomfortable. I am a giver and avoid to ask people for anything as much as I can!

Anyhow, life goes on and I truly believe that what is meant to be will be. Not stressing anything at all.

The other day Rosie and I went to Catch Steak for a bite to eat. I enjoyed hanging out with her but the weather was too hot and humid so it was not a pleasure to sit outside. Am also so tired of wearing a mask everywhere I go. Hope things get back to normal soon....

We celebrated something very exciting but it is still a secret so I can't tell you...