Last days in Sweden

I had one of the absolute best vacations back home in many many years. One of the highlights was the day in the archipelago. I wish I could relive it all again!

Another highlight was having my girls over for dinner!

I don't know what I would do without my Emelie....

The white drink is made of vanilla ice cream, mango sorbet and prosecco.

The red one is a froze with strawberries!

This is Methe. She was my nanny when I was little but now she is my sister. I am so grateful I have her in my life!

Saturday was basically my last night at home. My brothers + families came over and we had a fun dinner together.

I made a welcome cocktail with Calvados, apple cider and cava. Everyone loved it!

Every Christmas we play this gift game and we love playing it so much so we decided to play it even though it wasn't even Christmas:-)

2 of my nieces wanted to sleep in my bed, it was so cozy!

Sunday before I went to the airport I visited my sister Anna and her family. They have a new Weimaraner so with Cash we now have 4 in our family! The newest one is Lyra to the right!

I am back home again and have jumped right in to work and responsibilities. I have a strep throat and fever so it is a bit of an uphill battle but it is always good to be back in NYC. This time I do wish I could have stayed a bit longer in Sweden though. Per usual, I did not have enough time to see everyone and do everything I wanted but WOW what a fantastic vacation I had. I was overwhelmed with love and appreciation and I will never forget these past could of weeks. No one mentioned, no one forgotten.

This week will be filled with work, meetings and emails. I am hoping to feel better soon because I am going to The Hamptons this weekend!




Looks like you have had a magical summer holiday 😊 And I would love to try out that cocktail with calvados, cider and cava, that sure seems like my type!