Im coming home, Im coming home...

When I came home from work last night my man had cleaned the house, cooked a nice dinner and prepared a cold glass of wine for me and lit candles. How sweet is that??

As dessert he has prepared sorbet ice cream in a coconut, yum! We watched a movie called "The Town" with Ben Affleck, def worth watching!

I have finally been able to get a direct flight home. Not to Stockholm but to Copenhagen. From there I have about a 5 hour drive home but it is so worth it. Per usual, I am very homesick. I miss my family. I am leaving NYC August 20th and I will be back here Sept 7th again. Unfortunately T can't come with us because Americans are not allowed in to Europe....

The countdown has begun!



That's great Lina, seems like you've been missing home and family quite a lot.