I am home!

I am home. It was a long trip but I made it all the way home:-)

This is how empty the biggest airport is in New York City. Isn't it crazy! I was the only one at TSA checkpoint. Not a single soul in there....

One bag full of gifts and one bag with my stuff!

There was no direct flights to Stockholm so I had to fly in to Denmark. From there I travelled by car for 5 hours home to my parents. I slept most of the way, super exhausted. I had a rough flight because I got sick and vomited a lot. My stomach issues are no fun and I am suffering from it... Any how, finally home and friends and family has started to pour in. My uncle, brother, nieces, cousins are here. Marie and Paul arrived from the west coast last night and brought some floats for our pool party! It means a lot that I have friends who drive across country to see me. I truly value that.

Tonight I am hosting a big cray fish party. We will be around 30 people and I have organized a lot of fun activities. I have to say though... one thing that I find very annoying is that some people don't respond yes or no to my invite. I have to chase them around for an answer....not cool in my book!

Love Flow and missed her so much! Cuddling all day and night, can't get enough of her! I woke up 2 am and haven't been able to go back to sleep. It is now 6 am and I am wide awake. I always get jet lagged when I fly this way. It takes me a couple of days to get in to the right rhythm. I hope I can get couple more hour of sleep before the festivities starts today. Super excited!