This week has been a special one. We had our 2nd anniversary Tuesday but we haven''t really celebrated it yet. The weather was sooo bad Tuesday so I actually had a hard time getting back home from work. Fallen trees everywhere, really scary. When I was driving I regretted not staying home. When I drove on the bridge I could see the trucks almost being pushed over by the wind. Super scary!

Here is a new Vlog I have not really been in the mood to film anything. Kind of had a few bad days with some annoying situations/people I am dealing with and just been feeling low in general. But here is a video from 2 weekends ago, I finally edited it this morning!



That rooftop bar is so cool! The high winds are dangerous. I regret last summer at a thrift shop I actually pondered buying a hard-hat, haha, it would seriousy be handy for quite a few situations. I got hit in the head just trimming some tree branches. Maybe it will knock some sense into me, haha. They say New York has done very well in controlling the pandemic now, you're so lucky, it's a total disaster here, nothing is going right. Was your trip back to Sweden cancelled because of the pandemic?