Hubby birthday

I prepared fro this day for a long time. To be honest I kind of shot myself in the foot by doing his birthdays over the top since day 1 LOL. SO now I kind of fell like there is a high standard to reach but I really love planning events, surprises and birthdays. It is so much fun to me!

Last year I rented a fighter jet for him and he was so sure that I could never come up with something he would enjoy more. But he was wrong - he now says that this years birthday topped last year!

We started with a big ""hotel breakfast" I went all in and served a buffet of everything you can imagine! After that I told him to pack his bag, we wont be back until the next day.

Arrived in the city a bit early so to kill some time we went to Eataly for an ice-cream.

After that I had set up an appointment at Knot Standard. This is a spot where you can basically design your own clothes. You pick fabric, style, cut and all the details. He had a fun hour to pick out a bunch of new items for his spring and summer wardrobe!

I had already been there the day before to drop off balloons and a bottle of whiskey he could enjoy while being fitted for his new outfits!

After that I had booked a table at this really cute restaurant Pinto in Greenwich VIllage. It was fantastic!

I had a Cosmpolitan look what a beautiful presentation!

Here is the video for the full birthday celebration!

It was a very busy week last week with my husbands birthday, my in - laws in town and we also had a funeral to attend. I have been tired since last week and am sleeping a lot. Not sure why I am this extremely tired, starting to think I need to check my blood and see if I am missing iron or anything else. In general I am in a low dip right now and have no motivation to do anything. I am trying to listen to my body and just rest and I hope I will get out of this phase soon....