How do you pass time?

Our little Cashie has got a big swelling on her neck and it does not look good at all. I took her to the vet today and she got antibiotics so this should go down within a few days.

I can not remember last time I spent this much time at home in one chunck. If I was at least healthy and feeling good I could have been productive but I really need to rest and take it easy. This is what I have done to pass time:
  • Work on my computer
  • Cook
  • Take long walks with Cash
  • Bake
  • Watch Breaking Bad
  • Teach myself how to cut and edit youtube videos
  • Sleep
  • Read the news
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Do a hair mask
  • Order furniture for our backyard online
  • Stay in touch with my friends
  • Facetime mom & Flowbo
  • Eat ice cream
  • Come up with new snacks
  • Scroll on Pinterest
  • Watch documentaries
  • Clean the house
  • Emails and stay in touch with customers/accounts
  • Update my blog
  • Play games
  • Laundry

Today we took a nice stroll on the beach. I have to walk and move very slow because I experience shortness on breath. Such a weird feeling to not get enough air by breathing normal.... I get out of breath by just one flight of stairs!

If I have to go out in public I make sure I wear a mask. It is hard to breath without the mask so when I wear it I feel even more restricted on air...

So happy things went well at the vets, I was hoping he was going to tell me she need meds and everything will be ok. Thank God!

I go between feeling very hot and freezing my a** off! Don't know how many cups of tea I drink everyday but it is a lot!

I made a Swedish "dream cake" tonight! It came out great but I think I out a little too much of the butter cream in the middle...

My man is super-duper restless a week in now and he is climbing the walls. Mostly he passes time with video games and the shows we watch together. In his line of work he can not work from home and he is feeling much better now. Hopefully he will focus his energy on cleaning the house and garden work the next couple of weeks?:-)

Tonight I made a fish stew with pasta, I am trying to use all the food we have at home so nothing goes to waste!