This delicious cocktail is made with our tequila and you can drink it at Casa Del Toro on 10th ave in Hells Kitchen. Brand new mexican restaurant with tequila & mezcal focus. You should try it out!

I had a good and productive week at work. Every quarter we have goals to reach and I truly like a challenge. I did not reach all the way last quarter but I am going to kick ass in this one! I am all packed up and am heading back home for a week. Unfortunately the reason for my trip is a funeral and it is with sadness in my heart I have to say good bye to my aunt. I can not wait to see my family again and what I am looking forward to the most is hugging my Cashie and Flowie again. This time I am bringing Cash back to America!

This is currently my fav cocktail! It is a "Metropolitan" made with our rosa tequila and pomegrante juice! You can buy this one at Baccarat Hotel. My fav place to go these days!

As I am sitting in the bar naturally I start conversation with the people next to me. Last night I met an older gentleman with similar values to me. He also had a Weimaraner at home so we connected instantly with a ton of pictures of our dogs! At some point we ended up talking about what chairity/cause we would invest in if we won a billion dollars. His top 3 was climate change, children and animals. My top 3 are:

Abused animals. This is something I care A LOT about. I wish I could own a big farm where I could rescue animals in need and find them new foster homes.

Elderly people. It breaks my heart to see how older people suffer in some places. My dream/goal is to buy back my childhood home and when I do, I am going to host pool parties for the elderly in my hometown. Give some a social platform with good food, music, entertainment and maybe some tequila!

Bullied children. I can not stand seeing or hearing about children who are bullied. I would like to find an avenue to help there poor children and make their lives better in every way possible!

One thing I would not do is donate money to charity where CEOs and other staff member get big paychecks. I want to make sure the money goes to where it is suppose to go to!

How would you spend a billion dollars?