Hidden Gem

This week I found a beautiful place here in Staten Island. It is located about 20 min from our house and it must be the nicest restaurant around here!

It is called "Angelinas" and is located inside an old mansion! If you live in the city it is def worth the drive out here!!!

The service was impeccable! They even put ice cubes in Cashie's water!!!

They have live music every single day, it was soo cozy! I am doing an event here together with The Gypsy Kings July 10th! If you want to come just let me know!

This is where all the rich and wealthy in this area goes to eat and socialize. The parking lot is full of Bentleys, Ferraris and other very expensive cars.

I ordered some food to take home for us. It is expensive but was VERY good!!!!! Can't wait to go back there again!