Heat + eat!

Tessa, Rosie and I went to the farmers market and shopped Saturday! I could have bought the entire barn but had to control myself lol

These are the items I came home with, am so excited to try all of it!

I have been extra hungry lately, not sure if it has to do with my cycle or anything else but ALL I think about is what to eat and drink next. Luckily it is easy for me to lose weight and I really need to now but I can not stop cooking and enjoying life:-)

Some pics from the weekend. Saturday and Sunday was all day pool days! We have a heatwave here now and it is way to hot for my taste, at least when I am in the city working. Being next to a pool I don't mind it at all. Yesterday we had 35 degrees C in the shadow!

After breakfast I went to the store and got snacks for everyone and fell asleep in the sun. I got watermelon, popsicles, banana bread, ice-cream, chips and cheese dip to nibble on.

Every weekend out in The Hamptons feels like a mini vacation. Napping in the sun, swimming, having cocktails with my close friends and grilling on the patio for lunch and dinner. Life is very good right now and I am counting down the days to go home see my family. I can't wait!

My favorite rooftop is opening Thursday and I have invited few friends to join me! T is off from work so I am really looking forward to dress up and have some fun! If you are in NYC area and would like to come feel free to reach out to me, I would be happy to help wth reservations!

This is one of "my" cocktails with our tequila on the menu, doesn't it look good!??? I am going to try to do a vlog of the opening event night. If I have time as planned it will be posted here on Friday!



Wow Lina . Nu fick du tempen att stiga till Medelhavs värme . Sheezes vilka bilder