Happy birthday Tyrone!

My hubby turned 33 yesterday and it is hard to put up a big celebration in the time of Coronavirus. But I tried to make the day special for him anyway. I got up extra early and made a big nice birthday-breakfast for him! We also organized both of our families to join us on a zoom call as a surprise! At least he got to see our loved ones "face to face" on the screen:-)

When he got home from work I had put this note on the front door....

I made us a nice dinner, I now he loves my crepes! Paired with my fav white wine!

The sun was shining today so Cash and I went to the park, we really enjoyed it!

Tomorrow is the start of a new week and I hope we can at least find out soon how long we have to live like this. To count down the days until things goes back to normal would be a good feeling but we still live in uncertainty....

My friend who was in coma and has now woken up. I am helping her with picking up things in her apartment and dropping off with her doctors. She will most likely go home this weekend so I am excited to pick her up and bring her to her apartment. My plan is to cook a lot of good food for her so she does not have to worry about that at least. She has a long way to recovery and has to learn how to walk again basically. I am happy I can be useful and help someone who got the virus worse than me.