Finally I was able to get my hair done! But it is not finished yet, I have to go back next week for color and cut so I will show you the before and after then!

I took a day trip to The Hamptons today, such a weird feeling when everything is closed. Still some cars and people out and about but it is a very different experience out there when everything is shut down.

Along the highway I found this cute little rose stand with a drive-thru! I couldn't resist but to pull in here!

Super cute!!!

The school in Bridgehampton, everything is soo pretty out there!

This is what I bought from the vineyard today! A rose apple cider, am excited to try it!

It has been a cold and windy day here today, it was actually snowing a bit in The Hamptons! I just got home now, cooked a lasagna and am about to continue Ozark!